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Our Philosophy

We believe that to make a great pie, you must start with great ingredients.  At Out On A Limb Pie Company, all our pies are homemade by baker, Juli Hurley and her amazing team, and baked with the finest ingredients.  Our pies are made from scratch- absolutely no canned fillings here! We purchase fruits at the peak of ripeness and order our apples, cherries, lemons, chocolate, butter, and other ingredients from the best sources.  We are proud of the fact that we support local farmers so that when you bite into our pies, you can taste the quality and care we put into each one. 


Our specialty is knowing how to bring the perfect flavors together that are unmistakably good, but our fame is from mastering the elusive pie crust, and people just love it!  That’s what keeps our customers coming back year after year.

Our Products

Pies, pies, pies!! And, also crisps, cobblers, and our NEW gluten-free selection.  We treat each and every dessert or dinner pie with care and consideration for the customers buying them.  We want every person to be thrilled they chose to spend their hard-earned money with us. 


At the heart of our business is our community.  We believe they deserve the best and we take great care to bake our goods with our customers in mind because without them, we have no business.  Our reputation is built on giving our very best to our clients so that they can enjoy this delicious treat with their family, friends and colleagues.

Mini Pies
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